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Amazon Alexa

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ver: 2.2.496275.0


Amazon Assistant helps you make better decisions wherever you shop online by comparing products from Amazon as you shop on retailer websites. Keep an eye out for product and price comparisons that can save you time and money.

* 11/9 Added support for Chrome on all Android phones and tablets with OS 6.0 or greater!


- Product Comparison: discover related Amazon offers as you shop on retailer websites from the following browsers: Chrome, Samsung Internet and Dolphin.

- Image Search: share images of products and barcodes with the Amazon Assistant app to compare prices and check availability. You can share images from browsers, photo galleries, and other apps.

Previous versions

Variant APK Ver Architecture APK Download
915827011 2.2.485772.0 64Bit Download
916351011 2.2.487227.0 64Bit Download
917126511 2.2.489668.0 64Bit Download
917379611 2.2.490414.0 64Bit Download
919347811 2.2.496275.0 64Bit Download