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SKB MOJ@SKB mobile banking

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ver: 4.2.1


With MOJ@SKB mobile bank, you can perform your everyday banking services at anytime and anywhere by using your mobile device. You can monitor the balance on your personal and card accounts, savings, deposits, and loans, you can perform payments via the UPN order and you can transfer funds to other accounts.
MOJ@SKB mobile banking is distinguished by simple navigation, friendly graphical interface and intuitive use with simple gestures. The application provides personal settings, quick overview and access to the products most important to the user.

MOJ@SKB mobile banking provides easier access to SKB NET online bank because it contains an OTP generator that replaces the identification card which you used to enter the online bank until now.

MOJ@SKB mobile banking is secure. The access to financial data is possible by entering a PIN number or with biometrics (fingerprint, face recognition). The data exchanged between the application and the banking system are located on a secure server. We use the most recent security mechanisms to transfer data, and transfers are encrypted according to the latest standards, which prevents unauthorized access to data and their abuse. An additional level of protection is provided by IBM Trusteer Mobile, which is integrated within the mobile bank itself.

The data associated with accounts and passwords are not stored in the application or on the mobile device. If you leave the mobile device with an active application unsupervised, MOJ@SKB mobile banking will be locked automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity. If your mobile device is stolen or lost, you can deactivate it at our outlet or by calling +386 1 471 55 55.
Installing the application is free.

MOJ@SKB mobile banking enables you to:
• login into the application by using fingerprint or face recognition,
• confirm online payments with payment cards,
• check your contact information (mobile phone number and e-mail address) and change them if necessary,
• check the selected package, accompanying products and (non)activation of the latter,
• monitor the number of executed payment transactions as well as number of executed withdrawals at ATMs of other banks in the EUR area by using an additional counter,
• monitor your transactions on your personal and savings accounts, deposits and loans,
• before signing in and without entering password, access the quick balance overview, the last three transactions, and transactions pending,
• name your accounts and products,
• monitor account traffic, executed payment orders, pending payment orders, and declined orders,
• check transaction details,
• export proof of payment in pdf format,
• monitor transactions on debit and credit cards,
• pay off credit card liabilities before the debit date,
• make payments via QR code or by manually entering a UPN order,
• make transfers between your accounts,
• review executed tasks by period, currency, type of transaction and amount,
• prepare payment orders and save them as payment templates,
• follow pending and archived payments,
• switch between different profiles,
• create a QR code with the information needed for payment and forward it to the payer,
• contact the bank and receive its notifications,
• order services and more.

If you do not use MOJ@SKB mobile banking to manage finances, you can use it to access:
• the list and locations of SKB ATMs and outlets, working hours and services,
• SKB contact information,
• OTP generator to enter SKB NET.
Additional information:
• +386 1 471 55 55

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