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Download and Register to mBank@Net in 1 minute, No branch visit. You can use both mBank@Net and Bank@Net with the same Username and Password. You can also login faster, using your fingerprint.

No account with Nova KBM? No problem! It only takes 10 minutes to open your bank account with mBank@Net, without visiting the branch. Try us for 6 months free of charge!

mBank@Net Top features:
- Check all your banking products and services
- View your card number, PIN and CVV - Only bank in Slovenia that displays it in web/mobile!
- Make card limit updates
- Request or send money to your friends with Nakaži mi,
- Scan multiple bills in the row and confirm them all at once
- Apply for savings, deposits, bundles, cards, and loans right from our application.
- And many more...

Why choose mBank@Net?
- Voted #1 mobile banking application in Slovenia.
- We put safety, features, and ease of use above all.
- We listen to our clients and regularly update our application.

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